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Complimentary summit and seminar series for IT pros serious about improving their data center operations

Solve today's most pressing emerging infrastructure challenges when we arrive in your city

MI Summit Chicago

Modern Infrastructure Summit
May 19-20, 2015
Chicago, IL

A BluePrint for Cloud in the Enterprise 2015
Regional Seminar

Modern Server and Storage Infrastructure 2015
Regional Seminar

Bringing together the industry's best experts, your smartest colleagues and the vendors you want to meet

Get practical advice, strategies and technologies to drive infrastructure and operational excellence into the future

A road map for delivering agility, performance and control

Very insightful information about relevant topics to our daily work.

Freddy G.
Senior Systems Engineer, HHS

Sponsor speed rounds: Introduced to a lot of technology without a lot of hype. Very efficient way to quickly immerse yourself and gather information on different technologies.


Good knowledge based on industry consultants/analysts implementation and research.

Glenn S.
Senior Development Systems Support Analyst, BMO Financial Group

As cloud computing, convergence and virtualization trends converge, IT departments have been forced to re-think their strategy and tactics. Modern Infrastructure Events explore the impact of these shifts on data center infrastructure and provide practical, tactical advice to guide IT professionals in their decision making. Join us for an in-depth, vendor-neutral look at the next generation of technologies that are radically changing enterprise IT and the data center. These are the events that IT pros and architects go to find practical, real-world advice to help them make decisions on issues like how to move to the cloud, modernize the data center and best use virtualization. Complimentary admission, no marketing hype!

Modern Infrastructure events are geared towards IT professionals and architects who are considering architecture and operations issues in light of trends like cloud and convergence.
These are forums where you can find best-practices and strategic advice to help you make decisions on issues like moving to the cloud, modernizing the data center and how to best use virtualization. These events offer practical, vendor-neutral guidance to help you navigate through an ever-changing IT landscape.

Our recipe is simple:

To best serve your information (and availability) needs, Modern Infrastructure offers 2 distinct event formats across North America and Europe:

Modern Infrastructure Summit

Our flagship, multi-track conference is coming to Chicago in 2015! This two-day conference delivers unique educational sessions led by the top independent experts in the world, as well as innovative vendor showcases from today's leading server, storage and cloud technology and solution providers.
Learn more here.

Regional Seminars

Our popular regional seminars offer a deep dive into the industry’s most pressing server, storage and cloud topics, providing attendees with the practical tips and real world advice to help them improve their IT strategy upon returning to the office. Facilitated by leading independent experts, these local seminars provide attendees with unrestricted access to speakers and vendors, as well as critical peer-to-peer networking time to identify solutions and strategies for success.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Looking to sponsor a Modern Infrastructure event series? Contact us:

Sean Matthews, Sales Director
(617) 431-9414

Marketing and Partnership Opportunities

Looking to work together on a live event? Contact us:

Bonnie Gordon, Director of Marketing
(617) 431-9465

Speaking Opportunities

Become a part of our Modern Infrastrucute panel of experts! Please contact:

Alex Barrett, Editor in Chief, Modern Infrastructure, Data Center & Virtualization Groups
(617) 431-9377

Wondering which event is right for you?

If you have questions regarding enrollment, or attendance at these events, please contact:

Jen Tobin, Event Recruitment Operations Manager
(617) 431-9722

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