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An independent view of desktop and application delivery

Drinks, networking, and independent insight from the leading experts in endpoint management and application delivery Jack Madden and Gabe Knuth

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November 17, 2016 | Washington, DC

December 6, 2016 | Minneapolis, MN
Crave Restaurant



Very informative high level VDI discussion. Hearing this stuff from guys like Gabe makes all the difference.

Nelson L., Systems Architect, King County Afis

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fslogix After Hours

An evening discussion focused on strategies for delivering desktops and apps without sacrificing performance and security

Knows the subject backward and forward. Great sense of humor and presentation skills.

Joan W.
Project Manager, Sound Physicians

Technically and philosophically informative.

William S.
Network, Administrator, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

This year, bloggers Gabe Knuth and Jack Madden are taking their VDI and Mobility expertise on tour with an agenda based on direct feedback from our loyal BriForum attendees and leaders in the desktop virtualization, endpoint management, and application delivery space.

They’ve been around since the dawn of both desktop virtualization and enterprise mobility, and the relationship they’ve developed with vendors and enterprises gives them exclusive visibility into the major market and technology shifts on the horizon. They’re going to share this knowledge with you, and also address your most pressing questions. You’ve read their candid opinions online, now come and see it live.

We know it can be hard to take the day off, so we’ve specifically planned After Hours as an after work affair. This is a casual meetup where you can have a few beers (on us), catch up with peers and listen to Jack Madden and Gabe Knuth discuss some of the biggest industry changes and newsworthy issues they’ve covered this year on desktop/mobile management and app delivery.

Here are a few issues they’ll be discussing, but bring your questions as well:

• It’s possible to deliver a near-local VDI user experience now, but why? What are the core technology changes they have seen over the last few years that took VDI from *&$#%# to :-)? A look at storage, graphics, and other critical VDI enablement solutions.

• A look at VMware and Citrix’s current roadmaps, and what might be coming next

• How can we extend identity management from our Active Directory to our cloud and SaaS apps?

• Early opinions on Windows 10 from people they know who have deployed it.

• What’s the current state of DaaS, and what use cases are boiling to the top?

• How to start leveraging EMM now to set the stage for UEM.

• What are some of the biggest industry changes Gabe’s seen from his first days in the helpdesk to today?

• MDM management of Windows 10 is here. Why it’s good, why it’s not, and what will it take to get us to change what we’ve done for the last twenty years.

• What surprised them the most this year?

In order to keep things interesting, we’re introducing a new feature called the “hot seat” where Jack and Gabe will do on-the-spot interviews with some of the top vendors in our space. Watch these experts at their best as they mix it up with the vendors, dig into their current solutions and get a glimpse into future product updates and new functionality.

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