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Private Cloud Automation and your Business:
Getting Operational Benefits from your Existing Virtual Environment

Greg Shields, Independent Consultant, Partner and Principal Technologist, Concentrated Technology

Private cloud is no longer merely a marketing buzzword.  Technologies now exist that deliver on private cloud’s promises:  Scalability, flexibility, self-service, and business value.  Better yet, these technologies likely exist in your data center already.  All you need is the kick-start to begin operating your virtual environment like a private cloud.

Greg Shields of Concentrated Technology has been delivering virtualization and cloud guidance since their earliest days.  Having received top honors as a Microsoft MVP, VMware vExpert, and Citrix CTP, his experience spans the breadth and depth of today’s hypervisor and data center automation technologies. 

In this highly-interactive keynote, Greg shares some real-world demonstrations of private cloud services in action:  How they’re constructed, interacted with, self-served, and ultimately deprovisioned.  He continues by explaining how these actions can be delivered via fully-automated solutions your IT organization can implement immediately.

Today’s business operations require technology automation that virtualization alone can’t deliver.  Spend the morning with Greg and get started on your path towards a private cloud future atop the technology you probably already own.

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What the Heck is Converged Infrastructure and Can I Use My Existing Hardware?

Converged Infrastructure used to mean combining phone services with network services, or was it coax with Ethernet?  We’ve converged our infrastructures multiple times over IT’s history, and data centers are in the process of doing so again with the embrace of virtualization and private cloud.  This time, the infrastructure we’re converging is our data center itself.  Network, storage, and servers are all converging into a unified, vendor-engineered hardware infrastructure that offers resource optimization with extreme density.

It’s also perfect for facilitating the needs of your virtualized private cloud.

But like any new hardware story the biggest question is often, “How will this impact the hardware I already have?”  With the right approach, it needn’t at all.  Today’s converged infrastructure offers a range of solutions from the rip-and-replace to the do-it-yourself reference architecture.  Get the straight scoop from CDW’s hardware experts in this follow-on presentation.  You’ll learn why converging your infrastructure is good for private cloud, as well as the best ways to accomplish the task.

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