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The Customer Data Conundrum
The trouble with customer data is that while it's your greatest corporate asset, managing it effectively is often your toughest corporate challenge. Everyone needs it and everyone uses it -- but at different times and for different purposes. With this in mind, is pleased to introduce a unique seminar series that focuses on the strategic movement of data throughout the enterprise -- from emerging technologies like Customer Data Integration (CDI) to innovations in data quality tools and techniques. Instructed by three of the most exemplary thought leaders in customer data management, this series will leave attendees with a better sense of how to effectively leverage customer data in order to drive profitability.

Distinguished Presenters
Join us for this FREE half-day seminar in the city of your choice --Washington, D.C., Stamford, Conn., or Chicago. -- where you'll learn about emerging trends and technologies, and get expert advice on customer data from three industry leaders: Jill Dyche, author of The CRM Handbook and founder of Baseline Consulting, Aaron Zornes of The CDI Institute, and Robert Lerner of Current Analysis, Inc.

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Session Descriptions

Ready for Prime Time: Customer Data Gets its Due

Jill Dyché, Baseline Consulting
In the late 1990s, American businesses discovered that they could cultivate customer relationships rather than simply waiting for the phone to ring. The rush to install customer dashboards and redesign business processes resulted in cursory improvements, and subsequently a backlash. What executives underestimated was the infrastructure, skills and rigor necessary to manage these relationships in a sustainable and relevant way.

Jill Dyché, Partner with Baseline Consulting and author of the best-selling book, The CRM Handbook, kicks off the seminar with a discussion of how to build rigor around customer data and how the practice of data management is transcending back-office to-do lists and becoming a strategic differentiator for companies. She'll present a process for managing customer data and explain how emerging trends like Customer Data Integration (CDI), master data management and new business-IT alignment practices lend themselves to a sustainable customer data management strategy. You will learn:

  • Why data management is bigger than CRM
  • The key components of any effective data management effort
  • Organizing around the data: new data-driven roles and responsibilities
  • Why the business side is more accountable than ever
  • What “managing data as a corporate asset” really means.

Best Practices in Customer Data Integration: "Make Over" vs. "Hang Over"

Aaron Zornes, The CDI Institute
A well-honed CDI strategy can serve not only as a unifying technology substrata but also as a formidable competitive advantage for market-leading enterprises. Moreover, more than two-thirds of Global 2000 companies are evaluating CDI applications.

Aaron Zornes, chief research officer of the CDI Institute, will focus on corporate master data as a critical asset that must be increasingly synchronized within and beyond the enterprise -- primarily to solve business problems in customer service, sales, and marketing. Master information may be integrated at multiple levels of the software technology stack to materialize a "single customer view" (the same is true for supplier, product, physician, et al information). During 2005-06, most large enterprises will focus on CDI by deploying a 2nd-generation database-centric infrastructure to deliver a future-proofed panoramic customer view across multiple channels, business lines, and heterogeneous IT environments. With reference to a number of case studies, this session will focus on the "why" and "how" of CDI by providing insight into:

  • Prioritizing the strategic planning assumptions to justify the business value
  • Understanding the pros and cons of the dominant architectural models
  • Structuring and prioritizing the evaluation criteria -- e.g., data models, process models, scalability, privacy management, etc.
  • Inventorying the vendor landscape -- e.g., data hub, EAI, EII, portals, SOA-based web services, data service provider, etc.
  • Applying a rigorous methodology to CDI product evaluations and implementations for both mega vendor solutions and best-of-breed.

Data Quality Tools and Practices in the Real World

Robert Lerner, Current Analysis Inc.
Many organizations agree that one of their most valuable strategic assets is their data. Unfortunately, many do not know or understand the status of this data, its level of accuracy and whether the data adequately reflects the organization and its goals. In fact, many organizations do not even understand the level of accuracy needed to make the most of this asset.

This presentation will offer insight into this strategic asset, including the problems that poor quality data can cause (e.g., the loss of competitiveness) and how to address them. Specifically, Robert will discuss data itself, important data quality technologies, and how these technologies should be used. You'll learn why and how to establish an organizational mindset that perpetuates good quality data long into the future. Robert will cover these key topics:

  • What constitutes data
  • The strategic value of data to an organization
  • Regulatory compliance and data quality
  • The costs associated with poor quality data
  • Data quality tools and processes
  • Establishing a corporate-wide data quality mind-set
  • Building a business case for a data quality initiative

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Jill Dyché
Partner and Co-Founder, Baseline Consulting
Author of The CRM Handbook and e-Data
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Robert Lerner
Senior Analyst, Data Warehousing, Application Infrastructure
Current Analysis, Inc.
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Aaron Zornes
Founder and Chief Research Officer
The CDI Institute
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Wednesday, October 19
Washington, D.C.

Grand Hyatt Washington

Thursday, October 20
Stamford, CT

Westin Hotel

Wednesday, October 26
Chicago, IL

The Drake Hotel

8:00 am
Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:45 am
Welcome by Kerry Glance, Editor,, TechTarget

9:00 am
Ready for Prime Time: Customer Data Gets its Due with Jill Dyché

10:00 am
Best Practices in Customer Data Integration: "Make Over" vs. "Hang Over"with Aaron Zornes

11:00 am
Refreshment break

11:15 am
Panel discussion moderated by Jill Dyché

12:00 pm

1:00 pm
DataFlux presentation

1:30 pm
Data Quality Tools and Practices in the Real World
with Robert Lerner

2:30 pm
Seminar concludes

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