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New York, NY
Tues. Dec. 6th
New York Marriott Marquis

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Data-driven insight is fast-becoming a competitive game-changer in today's struggling economy

If you're like most organizations however, chances are you're drowning in data and starving for insights.

You lack the analytical capabilities to unlock key patterns and trends in large volumes of structured and unstructured data required to gain a deeper understanding of your customers, improve operational efficiencies and accelerate business performance.

Join us in New York on December 6th for an exclusive seminar designed to arm you with the essential knowledge required to overcome tactical and strategic challenges associated with deriving value from your big data and real-time analytics initiatives.

To reserve your seat, call Steve Hart on (617) 431-9711 or apply online:


Join Wayne Eckerson and leading industry visionaries to gain practical insight on:

  • How leading organizations are profiting from analyzing large volumes of detailed transaction data as well as new machine-generated, streaming data.
  • How to create an analytics culture that drives fact-based decision making and implement an analytics competency center
  • Architectural options for creating and managing a big data analytics system
  • How to differentiate between analytic platforms and select one that is best suited to your environment.


Architecting for Big Data Analytics: A New Framework for BI

Wayne Eckerson, Research Director at TechTarget and Principal Consultant at BI Leader Consulting

For too long, organizations have tried to shoehorn all business intelligence (BI) users and activities into a single, monolithic architecture. Forward-thinking organizations are now augmenting the classic data warehousing architectures with real-time, analytical, and content-based engines to support any type of user and application. This presentation will present a new BI delivery framework that shows what best-in-class BI environments will soon look like to support big data analytics. It will also describe new analytic engines, including analytic appliances, MPP databases, Hadoop, columnar databases, and non-relational databases, and shed light on best practices required to succeed with big data analytics.

Implementing Big Data Analytics: Critical Success Factors

Vineet Tyagi, Associate Vice President of Technology, Impetus

What does it really take to implement big data analytics? Managing the volume, variety, and velocity of big data is not for the faint-hearted and delivering relevant insights on large data sets is often like finding a needle in a haystack. Vineet Tyagi has helped many customers successfully navigate the dangerous waters of big data analytics, including Hadoop and NoSQL. His presentation will discuss the pitfalls and critical success factors for implementing big data analytics using client examples to illustrate key points. Topics include:

  • What strategy is best to use for low latency big data analytics
  • How to use a daisy chain of Hadoop for big data ETL
  • Determining a single strategy for serving "real" time & batch analytics needs
  • And more!

The Convergence of Sensor Data and Real-time Analytics: How to Deliver Insights on Fast-Moving Data

Wayne Eckerson, Research Director at TechTarget and Principal Consultant at BI Leader Consulting

Sensors are now attached to almost everything: shipping pallets, engines, pipelines, automobiles, etc. Billions of sensors are now generating massive volumes of data that can either overwhelm organizations or give them a competitive advantage. This session will shed light on the sensor revolution and the business opportunities that analytics-savvy organizations can exploit from this new pervasive data type as well as how to architect analytical systems to efficiently glean insights from mountains of data.

Driving Insights and Profits Using Real-time Analytics: Integrating Sensor Data and BI at US Xpress

Timothy Leonard, CTO & VP of Information Management, US Xpress Inc.

This session is designed to give learners comprehensive skills and core knowledge to understand and analyze information, as well as distribute documents using the real-time reporting features of machine data to drive business benefit.

Today’s mobile business requires a communications and networking infrastructure that meets the demand of business intelligence requirements.And the business needs direct, secure, reliable and responsive access to their corporate business intelligence applications. This session will introduce the fundamental concepts of business intelligence and showcase how US Xpress used the BI process to change operational behavior. In particular, Tim discusses the practical aspects of implementing real-time machine data and real-time analytics disciplines and how they enable team-based development. Attendees will also see a live demonstration of how US Xpress used real-time sensor data to make fast and efficient decisions.


Speaker Biographies

Wayne Eckerson
Director of Research, TechTarget & Principal Consultant, BI Leader Consulting

Wayne Eckerson has been a thought leader in the data warehousing, BI, and performance management fields since 1995. He has conducted numerous in-depth research studies and is the author of the best-selling book “Performance Dashboards: Measuring, Monitoring, and Managing Your Business.” He is a noted keynote speaker and blogger, and he conducts workshops on business analytics, performance dashboards, and BI governance, and more.

Timothy Leonard

CTO and VP of Information Management,
US Xpress Inc.

Timothy Leonard has over 22 years of experience in configuration management planning for information management systems, operational data stores and Order Entry Systems. His expertise includes delivery/implementation of mechanisms to identify, control, and track changes during project rollouts across functional teams. Mr. Leonard has spear-headed and deployed proven methods at Fortune 500 companies to identify, track and evaluate the implication of changes through statistical configuration synthesis and measurements across initiation and release cycles of enterprise solutions.

Vineet Tyagi

Associate Vice President of Technology,


Vineet Tyagi has over 17 years of experience on managing innovation, product development and creating enterprise grade solutions for healthcare, transportation, insurance and financial sectors. His expertise includes big data, Hadoop, cloud computing and agile/lean software. Vineet has spearheaded the design & architecture of several large & cloud scale solutions for data lifecycle management at petabyte scale. Vineet also leads many open source contributions that have received global recognitions and is a noted speaker on big data technologies.


Wayne Eckerson

Research Director, TechTarget and Principal Consultant, BI Leader Consulting

Timothy Leonard

CTO & VP of Information Management, US Xpress Inc.

Vineet Tyagi
Associate VP of Technology,


8:00 AM Registration/AM Refreshments
8:55 AM Opening Remarks
9:00 AM Architecting for Big Data Analytics: A New Framework for BI
Wayne Eckerson
10:00 AM Teradata Aster Session
10:30 AM Networking Break
11:00 AM

Implementing Big Data Analytics: Critical Success Factors
Vineet Tyagi

11:45 AM Platinum Sponsor Showcase
12:30 PM Networking Lunch
1:30 PM The Convergence of Sensor Data and Real-time Analytics
Wayne Eckerson
2:15 PM

Driving Insights and Profits Using Real-time Analytics: Integrating Sensor Data and BI at US Xpress
Tim Leonard

2:45 PM

Expert Q&A with Wayne Eckerson

3:00 PM Raffle/Seminar Adjourns


Attendees will have a chance to win an American Express gift card!

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