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The TechTarget Speaker Bureau assembles and promotes the top independent analysts and industry luminaries that participate in TechTarget’s live editorial events. Members of this elite Bureau are known to consistently achieve outstanding ratings from event attendees, while arming them with vendor agnostic information on the latest market trends, challenges and solutions through their presentations. The Bureau applauds each member’s efforts to educate IT pros and is committed to help amplify their voice and reinforce their standing as a major thought leader to the technology community.

Shawn Bass
Independent Consultant, ShawnBass.com

Shawn Bass is a “Citrix Technology Professional” and a “Microsoft Most Valuable Professional.” He’s been working with Citrix technologies since the WinView product days, and today, most of his clients are Fortune 500 companies (primarily in the financial services and insurance markets).

Shawn is a 10+time (and top-rated) presenter at BriForum, and has spoken at other worldwide events including Citrix Synergy, VMworld, TechEd, TEC, E2E, and various Citrix user groups.

Speaking opportunities

If you are an independent analyst or industry expert and are interested in speaking at TechTarget’s editorial events, please contact Maria Gomez, Editorial Events Manager, at 617-431-9313 or at mgomez@techtarget.com.

Interested candidates are also encouraged to fill out the TechTarget Speaker Bureau Submission Form.

In addition to speaking in front of an engaged audience of IT professionals and making a significant contribution to the IT community, TechTarget Speaker Bureau members take advantage of the following branding opportunities and promotional listings:


  • Official Bureau member logo for web and print credential use
  • Membership will be denoted on event badges
  • Posting on TechTarget Speaker Bureau page for duration of calendar year


  • Presence in all proceedings booklets printed this calendar year for each of TechTarget’s 100+ editorial events, seen by IT pros worldwide
  • Highlighted as a top industry expert on TechTarget’s event page, www.events.techtarget.com


  • Acknowledged as an exclusive member of the Speaker Bureau by IT pros worldwide
  • The chance to be named “Featured Member of the Month” through a dedicated promotion
  • Prominent placement on the Speaker Bureau page, TechTarget’s event page and all associated sites hosted by the event page (as the “Featured Member of the Month”)

See what experts have said about speaking at past TechTarget editorial events:

“It’s a very good audience. The people who come here are knowledgeable, they have real problems, real issues, and they are hands-on. They ask really good questions. They are a good cross-section of real users…” -Marc Staimer, President & CDS, Dragon Slayer Consulting

“…The users, they are the guys down in the trenches. And when I want to update my fact repository about what products are working and delivering on their value proposition and which ones aren’t, I go to the users. I am a consumer outputs-man and a vendor watchdog, so I’m interested in any location where I have access to real time conversations with end users. And that’s what I thoroughly enjoy about this show.” -Jon Toigo, CEO & Managing Principal, Toigo Partners International

“It’s a great chance to interact with users and just talk to them about what they’re doing and what they’re planning, and for me, that’s a great thing.” -Dennis Martin, President and Founder of Demartek Labs

“Storage Decisions brings out a lot of the people that I need to address and I want to address,” -Ben Woo, Managing Director, Neuralytix, Inc.

“It gives me the opportunity to talk to a wide array of users to find out what problems the people, the field, are facing.” -Howard Marks, Founder and Chief Scientist, DeepStorage.net

"I know I speak for everyone when I say thanks for putting together such a great conference. It is the little things that make this show so successful. You and your team at TechTarget deliver each and every conference." -Anonymous speaker

2014 Topics

  • Business Applications & Architecture:
    • Analytics
    • Information Delivery and Analysis
    • Performance Management
    • Data Management and Infrastructure
  • CIO:
    • IT and Business Management
    • Business Software
    • Data Centers and Virtualization
    • DR and BC Planning
    • Security and Risk Management
  • Data Center & Virtualization*:
    • Desktop and Application Virtualization
    • Virtual Desktop Strategies and Architecture Management
    • Data Center Infrastructure
  • Consumerization of IT*:
    • BYOD
    • Mobile Device and Application Management
    • Mobile Information Management
    • Security
  • Healthcare:
    • IT Infrastructure
    • Compliance
    • Healthcare Regulations
    • EHR Systems
    • Health IT Planning
  • Networking:
    • Network Management
    • Network Virtualization
    • Software Defined Networking
  • Security:
    • Cloud Security and Compliance
    • Enterprise Data Protection
    • Information Security Threats
    • Mobile Threats
    • PCI Guidance
    • Security Data Management
    • Risk Management
  • Storage:
    • Data Backup and Deduplication
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Big Data Storage
    • Cloud Storage
    • Primary Storage or Storage Hardware
    • SAN (storage area network)
    • Storage and Virtualization
    • VDI for Storage
    • Storage for Vertical Industries

*If you are interested in speaking at BriForum 2014 in Boston and London —please visit BriForum.com to access the BriForum Call For Papers submission form. BriForum is the only independent conference of its kind covering desktop virtualization, enterprise mobility management, and the consumerization of IT.

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To learn more about TechTarget’s Speaker Bureau, please contact Rich Castagna, Editorial Events Manager, at rcastagna@techtarget.com.

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Members of the Speaker Bureau

Rob Bamforth

Principal Analyst, Quocirca

Events with Rob Bamforth

Rob Bamforth's work at Quocirca currently focuses on business communications with particular emphasis on mobile, social, unified and machine to machine (Internet ofThings) communications. His experience combines sales and marketing with an in-depth understanding of technology development and deployment.

Rob is regularly quoted in both technology and mainstream business media and is a regular contributor of analytical content to knowyourmobile,com, IT-Director.com and TechRepublic, and regularly blogs on Computing. During his career, he has actively promoted the business benefits of emerging technologies such as the internet and Java, and has presented at innumerable industry events, as well as working closely with standards bodies.

He has written numerous articles and many reports encompassing the impact and management of mobile devices, the evolution of service providers, mobile email momentum, visual communications, VoIP and unified communications. Rob also presents at conferences, contributes in video interviews and webinars and provides market analysis support as a strategic advisor to the Mobile Data Association.


Modern End User Computing
Website coming soon...

Shawn Bass

Independent Consultant, ShawnBass.com

Events with Shawn Bass

Shawn Bass, an independent consultant based in the Chicago area, is a “Citrix Technology Professional” and a “Microsoft Most Valuable Professional.” He’s been working with Citrix technologies since the WinView product days, and today, most of his clients are Fortune 500 companies (primarily in the financial services and insurance markets).

Shawn got involved in trying to help the server-based computing community around February 2005. Back then, he’d spent long hours lurking on a variety of forums and learning from others, so he decided it was finally time to give back to assist others. Since that time, he’s become an active poster on the support forums on BrianMadden.com, the official Citrix Support Forums (discussions.citrix.com), and AppVirtGuru.com

Shawn is a 10+time (and top-rated) presenter at BriForum, and has spoken at other worldwide events including Citrix Synergy, VMworld, TechEd, TEC, E2E, and various Citrix user groups. He also continues to teach the independent desktop virtualization 5-day master class that he and Brian developed back in 2004.

Shawn Bass has been a member of the TechTarget Speaker Bureau since its formation in 2012.

You can follow him on Twitter @shawnbass


Desktop Virtualization

Michael Coté

Research Director, 451 Research

Events with Michael Coté

Michael Coté heads up the Infrastructure Software practice at 451 Research, focusing on everything from the hypervisor to the application layer. In addition to covering application development, systems management, VDI, cloud management and platforms, he also closely follows the business of software -- including product management and marketing; strategy and M&A; and the tectonic moves of vendors and communities in the technology world.

Michael has worked at several technology companies, from startups -- such as the pioneering online banking company FundsXpress -- to BMC Software. In 2006, he chased his passion for following and commenting on the IT industry to RedMonk, where he was an industry analyst covering the IT world and helping clients plan how to most effectively prosper in the rapidly changing space. Prior to joining 451 Research, Michael worked at Dell in various strategy roles -- in corporate strategy, where he helped launch the software group; heading up the internal incubation program; leading Dell's cross-company cloud strategy; and finally, running the portfolio strategy team for the Dell Software Group.

Michael is well known for his podcasts and videos, including the DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast and the IT Management & Cloud Podcast. When not publishing insight at 451 Research, he blogs at CoteIndustries.com and types inane prattle on Twitter @cote.

Modern Infrastructure: Building a State-of-the-Art
IT Operation

George Crump

President & Founder, Storage Switzerland

Events with George Crump

With 25 years of experience designing storage solutions for data centers across the US, George Crump has seen the birth of such technologies as RAID, NAS and SAN. Prior to founding Storage Switzerland, an IT analyst firm focused on the storage and virtualization segments, George was CTO at one the nation’s largest storage integrators where he was in charge of technology testing, integration and product selection.

George also contributes to TechTarget publications such as Storage Magazine, SearchStorage, SearchServerVirtualization and SearchDataBackup, and has been a member of the TechTarget Speaker Bureau since 2013.

Backup & Data Protection

Storage Decisions New York

Wayne Eckerson

Principal Consultant, Eckerson Group & Industry Analyst, TechTarget

Events with Wayne Eckerson

Wayne Eckerson has been a thought leader in the business intelligence and analytics field since the early 1990s. He is a sought-after consultant and noted speaker who thinks critically, writes clearly and presents persuasively about complex topics.

Eckerson has conducted many groundbreaking research studies and written two widely read books: The Secrets of Analytical Leaders: Insights from Information Insiders, and Performance Dashboards: Measuring, Monitoring, and Managing Your Business. He is currently working on a book about data governance.

Eckerson is an industry analyst at TechTarget and principal consultant of Eckerson Group, a business-technology consulting firm that helps business leaders use data and technology to drive better insights and actions.  His team provides cutting-edge information and advice on business intelligence, performance management, data warehousing and big data.

For many years, Wayne served as director of education and research at The Data Warehousing Institute where he oversaw the company’s research and training programs and chaired its BI Executive Summit. He has also served as an industry analyst at the Patricia Seybold Group.

Business Intelligence Leadership

Jonathan Eunice

Principal IT Advisor, Illuminata Inc.

Events with Jonathan Eunice

A recognized authority on networked information technologies, including servers, storage, middleware, development tools, management strategies, pervasive computing, open source, and human factors.

Though an avid developer himself, Mr. Eunice believes what really matters isn’t technology per se, but how it’s applied. Human, organizational, and market factors may be messy—but they’re also utterly essential. IT is a system, and it requires systems thinking.

His clients at Illuminata range from start-ups to the “Fortune 10,” including investors; executives; strategic planners; operators; developers; distinguished engineers; researcher fellows; and the ecosystems that connect these contributors.

He’s authored hundreds of publications, has spoken to audiences around the world, and has been frequently quoted by trade and technology publications. He has been an consulting expert in procurement disputes, and an expert witness in the United States federal court system.

Modern Infrastructure Summit

Bill Gillis

CIO, Beth Israel Deaconess Care Organization (BIDCO)

Events with Bill Gillis

Bill has worked in the healthcare IT segment for over fifteen years.  He specializes in EMR/EHR & HIE/Interoperability strategies, technologies and deployments. Bill led the team that deployed the first ambulatory EMR system for BIDMC affiliates in 1997. As well as working for BIDMC and its affiliated organizations, Bill provides guidance to physician practices, Health Centers and physician organizations with their transition from paper to electronic records.  He is currently on the technical subcommittee for the State Health Information Exchange for Massachusetts (Mass HIway).  Bill has been a guest speaker on eHealth Technologies for Harvard Medical School, Boston University, Suffolk University and numerous industry events and conferences.  Bill also works with several nonprofit organizations whose mission is to improve healthcare in developing countries through the use of technology. Along with his HIT accomplishments, he has competed in several international motorsports events such as the Daytona 200, Isle of Man TT, Baja 1000 and the Bonneville Speed Trails.  Bill works directly with John Halamka, CIO CareGroup/Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Events coming soon...

John Halamka, M.D.

CIO, Beth Israel Deaconess & CIO, Harvard Medical School

Events with John Halamka, M.D.

In addition to the roles above, Dr. Halamka serves as Chairman of the New England Health Electronic Data Interchange Network (NEHEN), CEO of MA-SHARE (the Regional Health Information Organization), Chair of the US Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel (HITSP), and a practicing Emergency Physician.

Dr. Halamka completed his undergraduate studies at Stanford University where he received a degree in Medical Microbiology and a degree in Public Policy with a focus on technology issues. While at Stanford he served as research assistant to Dr. Edward Teller, Dr. Milton Friedman, and presidential candidate John B. Anderson. He authored three books on technology related issues and formed a software development firm, Ibis Research Labs, Inc. Additionally, he served as a columnist for Infoworld, technical editor of Computer Language Magazine and technology consultant to several startup companies.


Health IT Leadership

Eric Klein

Senior Analyst, VDC Research

Events with Eric Klein

Eric Klein is a market research and consulting professional at VDC Research specializing in the design, analysis and delivery of project-based research.  He has authored market research studies on mobile security, operating systems, application development platforms and tools, and delivery channels for mobile solutions. Eric broadly covers the mobile software market, tracking mobile-oriented startups as well as established ISVs and has worked in a variety of market research and management roles, providing market data and competitive intelligence to Fortune 500 firms.  His previous employers include: AMR Research (acquired by Gartner); The Yankee Group (acquired by 451 Research); and Affiliated Computer Services (acquired by Xerox).

Modern Infrastructure Summit

Gabe Knuth

Independent Industry Analyst & Blogger, BrianMadden.com

Events with Gabe Knuth

Gabe Knuth is an independent industry analyst, blogger, and speaker,knownthroughout the world as "the other guy" at BrianMadden.com. He has been nearly 100% focused on desktops, applications, and devices throughout his 16 year career in IT, a journey that has taken him from help desks, todata centers,to the cloud as a consultant, in-house IT person, and as an analyst. As evidenced by his co-authorship of the book The VDI Delusion, Gabe's focus tends to lean more toward practical, real-world uses for technology, essentially boiling off the hype and examining the actual usefulness of each technology in specific use cases. Gabe has written for BrianMadden.com and SearchVirtualDesktop.com since 2007, and has spoken at major industry trade shows such as BriForum and Citrix Synergy. Gabe Knuth has been a member of the TechTarget Speaker Bureau since its formation in 2012.


Desktop Virtualization

Dean Lane

Founder & Partner, The Office of the CIO

Events with Dean Lane

Dean Lane has almost 30 years of hands on experience in the IT industry, having been a CIO at four different companies: Allied-Signal, Morton-Thiokol, Plantronics, and Masters Institute of Technology. Additionally, he held the positions of Senior IT Director at Symantec, and Corporate Director of Materials at Allied-Signal. Dean has also been a consultant for Ernst & Young, AT&T and the Gartner Group. His experience is global, and he is considered an expert on outsourcing and offshoring. Dean has been certified in the (CGEIT) Corporate Governance of Enterprise IT by ISACA.

He serves on the advisory boards for the Society of Information Management, SFSU's Center for Business Systems, is an active member of Executive World, the Project Management Institute, APICS, the CIO Collective, and is Past President of SIM's Silicon Valley Chapter. He has written two books, CIO Wisdom and CIO Perspectives. Dean speaks internationally, has consulted with Ehud Barak (Israeli Defense Minister) and is a highly decorated US Naval Officer.

Dean obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of California (UCLA) and his MBA from National University.

CIO 360
Website coming soon...


Scott Lowe

Founder & Managing Consultant, The 1610 Group

Events with Scott Lowe

Scott is an experienced information technology practitioner with almost 20 years of experience across a number of market verticals. Starting as a network technician in the early 90′s, Scott rose through the ranks at various organizations and spent 10 years of his career as a CIO, culminating with his position as the vice president and chief information officer for a private Missouri college. Scott is a well recognized expert in his field, and he’s adept at applying technology to solve complex business problems. For years, Scott has helped a myriad of organizations unravel technology puzzles, and he understands how important it is for the IT function to operate as a trusted partner, advisor, and service to the organization.

In addition to his consulting activities, Scott is also very active in the blogging community and has written thousands of articles on a wide variety of topics for outlets, including TechRepublic, Wikibon, TechTarget, and TechGenix. To read Scott’s work, please visit CIOscape.

Scott has been a member of the TechTarget Speaker Bureau since 2013.

Modern Infrastructure: Building a State-of-the-Art
IT Operation

Modern Infrastructure Summit

Brian Madden

Independent Industry Analyst, Blogger & Author, BrianMadden.com

Events with Brian Madden

Brian Madden is known throughout the world as an opinionated, super technical, fiercely-independent desktop virtualization expert. He's written several books and thousands of articles about desktop virtualization, and is a frequent contributor to SearchVirtualDesktop. His blog site, www.BrianMadden.com, receives millions of visitors per year and is a leading source for conversation, debate, and discourse about the application and desktop virtualization industry. Brian is also the creator of BriForum, an independent conference about desktop virtualization, consumerization of IT, and enterprise mobility management. Having been ranked the #1 speaker at both VMworld and Citrix Synergy, Brian flies over 200,000 miles per year for speaking and consulting, has been written about in Wired Magazine, heard on NPR, quoted in The Economist, and featured on podcasts around the world.  Brian Madden  has also been a member of the TechTarget Speaker Bureau since its formation in 2012.


Desktop Virtualization

Jack Madden

Blogger, BrianMadden.com

Events with Jack Madden

Jack Madden covers everything related to enterprise mobility management at BrianMadden.com, a website devoted to desktop virtualization, the consumerization of IT, and enterprise mobility. Jack has written hundreds of articles and spoken at BriForum, Citrix Synergy, VMworld, and other events throughout the US and Europe. He is the author of “Enterprise Mobility Management: Everything you need to know about MDM, MAM, & BYOD” and co-author of “The VDI Delusion.”

Jack Madden has been a member of the TechTarget Speaker Bureau since its formation in 2012.


Mobile Management in a BYOD World

Howard Marks

Founder & Chief Scientist, DeepStorage.net

Events with Howard Marks

As Founder and Chief Scientist at DeepStorage, LLC , Howard Marks provides the kind of practical, hands-on analysis that can only come from spending 30 years in the trenches. As a consultant, he helped organizations large and small--including American Express, JP Morgan, Borden Foods, BBDO Worldwide and Foxwoods Resort Casino--solve real world storage and network problems.

Now at DeepStorage, he runs an independent test lab evaluating the latest in storage products in beautiful Santa Fe, NM and writes about them for multiple websites such as NetworkComputing.com. An entertaining and energetic speaker, Howard speaks regularly at industry events including Storage Decisions, Interop, Storage Networking World and Microsoft’s TechEd. He has written three books and hundreds of articles on networking and storage technologies. 

Howard is co-host of the monthly Greybeards on Storage podcast. He has been recognized as a member of the vExpert, PernixPro and EMC Elect programs. Howard Marks has also been a member of the TechTarget Speaker Bureau since its formation in 2012 and has spoken at numerous TechTarget events in previous years.

Modern Infrastructure: Storage for Virtual Environments

Storage Decisions New York

Brien Posey

Freelance Writer & Independent Analyst, BrienPosey.com

Events with Brien Posey

Brien Posey is an eleven time Microsoft MVP with over two decades of IT experience. Prior to going freelance, Brien was a CIO for a national chain of hospitals and healthcare facilities. Brien has also served as a network engineer for the United States Department of Defense at Fort Knox and has worked as a network administrator for some of the largest health insurance companies in America.

Events coming soon...

Andrew Reichman

President, Reichman IT

Events with Andrew Reichman

Andrew Reichman works with vendors, end users and analyst firms on advisory, strategy and content creation projects, along with writing, speaking and blogging. 

Most recently before launching Reichman IT, he worked at Amazon Web Services leading their efforts in marketing infrastructure as a service to enterprise firms worldwide.  Prior to this, he spent six years as a Principal Analyst at Forrester Research covering storage, cloud and data center economics.  Prior to his time at Forrester, he was a consultant with Accenture optimizing data center environments on behalf of EMC.  Prior to that, he held a variety of positions in technology companies, both vendors and end user firms.  He holds an MBA in finance from the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington and a BA in History from Wesleyan University.

Modern Infrastructure Summit

Marc Staimer

Founder, Senior Analyst & CDS, Dragon Slayer Consulting

Events with Marc Staimer

Marc Staimer is the founder, senior analyst, and CDS of Dragon Slayer Consulting in Beaverton, OR. His consulting practice of 16 years has focused in the areas of strategic planning, product development and market development. With over 34 years of marketing, sales and business experience in infrastructure, storage, server, software, databases, and virtualization, he’s considered one of the industry’s leading experts.

Storage Decisions New York

Paul Tang, M.D.

VP, Chief Innovation & Technology Officer, Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Events with Paul Tang, M.D.

Paul Tang, M.D., is an Internist and Vice President, Chief Innovation and Technology Officer at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF), and is Consulting Associate Professor of Medicine at Stanford University. Dr. Tang directs the David Druker Center for Health Systems Innovation and also oversees PAMF’s electronic health record system and its integrated personal health record system. Today, nearly 80% of PAMF’s adult primary care patients are actively using MyHealthOnline.

Dr. Tang is Vice Chair of the federal Health Information Technology Policy Committee, and Chair of its Meaningful Use workgroup. Dr. Tang also chairs the National Quality Forum’s Health Information Technology Advisory Committee and sits on the NQF board. He is a Past-Chair of the Board of the American Medical Informatics Association. He was named one of Modern Healthcare’s “100 Most Powerful People in Healthcare” in 2009 and “50 Most Powerful Physician Executives in Healthcare” in 2011.

Health IT Leadership

Jon Toigo

CEO & Managing Partner, Toigo Partners International

Events with Jon Toigo

Jon Toigo is a 38-year veteran of IT and has developed business continuity plans for more than 100 companies. He has written 17 books, including four on disaster recovery planning, with the fourth edition of his Disaster Recovery Planning: Getting to Business-Savvy Continuity coming to bookstores in 2014.

Toigo is Managing Principal Partner for Toigo Partners International, a consultancy specializing in IT consumer advocacy, data management and storage technology, and he is chairman and co-founder of the Data Management Institute, a professional organization for those who create, store, manage and administer data and storage assets.  DMI is now in its 20th year and has trained and certified nearly 100,000 data management professionals worldwide.

Jon Toigo is proud to be part of the TechTarget Speaker Bureau since its formation in 2012, and has spoken at numerous TechTarget editorial events in previous years.  Jon also writes a column for Storage Magazine every month.

Disaster Recovery Seminar

Storage Decisions New York

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