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Gabe Knuth is an independent industry analyst, blogger, and speaker, known throughout the world as "the other guy" at BrianMadden.com. He has been nearly 100% focused on desktops, applications, and devices throughout his 16 year career in IT, a journey that has taken him from help desks, todata centers,to the cloud as a consultant, in-house IT person, and as an analyst. As evidenced by his co-authorship of the book The VDI Delusion, Gabe's focus tends to lean more toward practical, real-world uses for technology, essentially boiling off the hype and examining the actual usefulness of each technology in specific use cases. Gabe has written for BrianMadden.com and SearchVirtualDesktop.com since 2007, and has spoken at major industry trade shows such as BriForum and Citrix Synergy. Gabe Knuth has been a member of the TechTarget Speaker Bureau since its formation in 2012.


Gabe Knuth is a member of the TechTarget Speaker Bureau

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Modern End User Computing Road Show
Jack Madden & Gabe Knuth

Despite more and more options for delivering desktops and apps to users- getting those apps to users on their preferred device isn't any easier. In fact, just navigating the wide array of delivery tools and methods can be a job unto itself. Hyper-convergence is changing the way VDI is being implemented. There is a constant back in forth with regards to which apps and desktops to run on prem and which should be cloud tested and decisions need to be made about where and when to choose a mobile strategy. Join us for just a half day out of the office as Brian Madden, Jack Madden, and Gabe Knuth help you develop a comprehensive strategy to desktop and application delivery that considers all of these options and use cases of each.

Register today by calling Jeremy Caci at (617) 431-9701 or completing our quick online registration form.

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Washington, D.C.

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Citrix and VMware both tip toe towards the "physical" desktop management space

Citrix and VMware seemingly entered the cloud application management/identity federation space within weeks of each other by announcing Project Horizon and Cloud Gateway almost back-to-back. And now they've done it again, this time in the physical desktop space. In May, Citrix made a splash with the acquisition of Virtual Computer, followed a few weeks later by VMware's acquisition of Wanova. Maybe they both read Brian's article from last June, titled "Citrix and VMware ignore physical desktops, add management complexity" at the same time?

Gasp! Turns out OnLive really isnt in compliance with Microsoft licensing!

From the "News we already knew, in spite of the fact that nobody would confirm it" department, we have an update on the OnLive Desktop and Desktop Plus offerings that have drawn the attention of a large number of industry experts and analysts over the past few months. If you're not familiar with the situation, OnLive (the same company that streams games to you across the web) has put together a Windows 7 DaaS solution called OnLive Desktop that they make available for free or for a small charge. We wrote two articles about this if you'd like to catch up (don't forget to read the comments):

No SPLA license for Win 7

We briefly touched on the subject of "very small business" VDI during Brian & Gabe Live this past Tuesday with guest Cláudio Rodrigues. The topic came about based on an email that Cláudio sent my way that outlined a recent VDI deployment he did for a friend. This deployment was for three virtual machines, done on a single server with mirrored drives, with the VM's executing on an iSCSI NAS. The hypervisor is ESXi, and the VDI platform is XenDesktop Express, so the entire thing was done for less than $6,000, which may be Canadian dollars, but what's the difference anymore?

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