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Transforming to a Hybrid Infrastructure

Decipher technology jargon and architect a flexible data center to evolve with modern workloads


Dave Linthicum will lead a lively discussion on:

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Dave Linthicum

SVP, Cloud Technology Partners

David (Dave) S. Linthicum is with Cloud Technology Partners and an internationally recognized cloud industry expert and thought leader. He is the author and co-author of 13 books on computing, including the best-selling "Enterprise Application Integration." Linthicum keynotes at many leading technology conferences on cloud computing, SOA, enterprise application integration and enterprise architecture.

His latest book is "Cloud Computing and SOA Convergence in Your Enterprise: a Step-by-Step Guide." His industry experience includes tenures as CTO and CEO of several successful software companies and upper-level management positions in Fortune 100 companies. In addition, he was an associate professor of computer science for eight years and continues to lecture at major technical colleges and universities, including the University of Virginia, Arizona State University and the University of Wisconsin.

Seminar Overview

Dave Linthicum keynotes this complimentary dinner seminar on architecting your infrastructure for today's workloads

Your infrastructure – and the workloads your infrastructure must support – are always changing. One need only look back at the not-too-distant past to know this – as a desire for reliability begot redundant servers, which begot virtual servers, which begot server management challenges which themselves made automation attractive, which drove many to consider cloud options.

How, then, could a static, purpose-built infrastructure – whether entirely on-prem or entirely cloud-based – be considered anything more than a Band-Aid approach, when change is inevitable?

Over an upscale dinner, David Linthicum talks about how to architect your infrastructure to be flexible and evolve along with business demands. Choosing which workloads/apps to run on the cloud is not an all-or-nothing proposition. In fact, after so much cloud rhetoric, scaling back cloud usage when/where appropriate, and building out your infrastructure in order to retain apps on-prem, can be equally as compelling, if not more so, than scaling up cloud usage. Learn about architecting your data center to support modern workloads – and how this may or may not include cloud usage depending on the needs of your business.

Join us for a lively debate on:

Attend for tips on how to strategically architect your data center to realize the flexibility and scalability promised by today's latest and greatest technologies.

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