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If you're an IT manager, email admin, storage administrator or in-house attorney, you're probably grappling with how to manage email and file stores that are growing exponentially. New discovery and privacy requirements are forcing you to both know what you have and retrieve it quickly. Building a consensus on what you should do and actually doing it can be difficult.

During this virtual seminar, find out how an email and file archiving strategy can help you deal with the issues resulting from the explosive data growth and new discovery and data management requirements. Learn how you can reduce storage, quickly respond to litigation and compliance problems, increase IT productivity and reduce backup and restore times. And discover how to select the best solution for your organization.

At this event, you have the opportunity to choose which sessions you’d like to attend. So whether you deal with Exchange or Lotus Notes Domino, listen to the sessions that apply to your job function and cover the topics that interest you.

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Benefit from these key sessions :

Session 1: Why Archive: Getting Everyone on Board

How do you address the problem? What are the real problems you are trying to solve with archiving? Should you invest in archiving, or are you better off simply deleting old email messages and files? Infrastructure is important, but the key to a successfularchiving solution is understanding the real problems that you are trying to solve. This opening segment will address the main reasons to consider email and file archiving and its significance to the IT, legal and business units. Mark Diamond will define the issues a company must consider in responding to these major problems. Topics covered include:

• Why should the business care about email and file archiving?
• Does email and file archiving help or hurt e-discovery?
• How do you maneuver through the compliance maze?
• Should you ever delete email, and if so when and how?
• How do you manage users who are email pack rats?
• What are the real benefits and drawbacks of archiving (you may be surprised)?
• How can IT and legal build a consensus on e-mail archiving?
• How do you build a business case for deploying an archiving system?
• Real-life examples
• Best practices
• Lots of audience participation

Session 2: Email and File Archiving: How to Get Started

You are ready to take the plunge and enter the world of email and file archiving. The question is: How do you go from need to implementation? This session will show you how to get started on your first archiving project, the steps involved and what to look out for. Specifically, it will cover:
• How to get started
• Where projects get stuck in “committee” and how to unstick them
• What email do you need to save?
• How to build a consensus on archiving policy
• How good does your policy need to be before you can implement archiving?
• Effective project plans -- and where not to start
• What the different types of policies are, what works and what doesn’t
• Questions you should have answered before approaching vendors
• What are the major pitfalls in deploying archiving systems (and how to avoid them)
• Real-life examples
• How much of this is a process problem, and how much should be addressed by IT
• Best practices

Session 3: Email and File Archiving: The Legal Perspective

This session will discuss how to work with legal’s policies and procedures for successful file and record archiving. Gain a better understanding of why archiving is now important to legal, what to expect moving forward and how you can actively work with your legal department to form the right policies and procedures for your company. Topics Covered include:
• How the email and file archiving policies from your legal department affect your daily activities
• Why you need to be ready for the inevitable discovery request

Session 4a: Selecting and Designing an Email Archiving Infrastructure

Companies are seeing explosive growth on file stores, both in employee data, and in critical supportive documents for business processing. At the same time, organizations are increasingly concerned about privacy and other information contained in their file stores. This segment will review strategies for managing files through archiving and discovery tools, processes and policies. Topics covered include:
• File-based storage resource management vs. content-based archiving -- how they differ and why it matters
• Characterizing your file system for archiving
• File archiving architectures -- how vendors have different approaches
• Scalability and performance -- two important issues to watch out for
• Creating file data privacy processes -- how archiving can support privacy initiatives
• Storage systems and media requirements
• Software requirements for file archiving
• Making it transparent to the end users
• Migrating files -- what works
• Case study showing return on investment and reduced operating costs
• Best practices

Session 4b: Addressing the Issues of Lotus Notes/Domino Email Archiving

Email archiving has come to the forefront as an approach for Lotus Notes Domino organizations to manage legal risks, achieve regulatory compliance and reduce the burden on overstressed email production environments. But, is archiving the the remedy for these problems? What are the key issues that Lotus Notes email administrators need to address when evaluating, selecting, implementing and configuring email archiving? This webcast will provide insight into these and other issues facing email administrators seeking to implement email archiving in their Lotus Notes/Domino environments.


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Mark Diamond, President & CEO, Contoural, Inc.
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Greg Forest, Chief Technical Officer, Contoural, Inc.
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Reggie Pool , Senior Consultant , Contoural, Inc.
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Barclay T. Blair , Practice Lead, FCS Information Governance
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3:15 PM Session 3:  Email and File Archiving: The Legal Perpective

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4:00 PM Session 4a: Selecting and Designing an Email Archiving Infrastructure

4:00 PM Session 4b: Addressing the Issues of Lotus Notes/Domino Email Archiving

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