This free virtual seminar provides you with essential expert tips and strategies to properly implement and manage desktop virtualization. In this constantly changing space, it’s challenging to stay on top of all the latest terms and solutions provided. At this event, our independent expert speakers, including industry analyst and blogger, Brian Madden, will define terms, separate vendor hype from reality, and provide best practices to help you plan your virtualization project.

Sessions include:

*Desktop Virtualization Overview: Can you get there from here?

* Virtual Desktop Architecture: Portal to the Clouds

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Session 1: Desktop Virtualization Overview: Can you get there from here?
Brian Madden, Independent Industry Analyst and Blogger

In this session, virtualization expert Brian Madden will define terms, describe real-world scenarios that desktop virtualization can and can’t address and separate vendor hype from reality. This session will address questions such as:

  • Desktop virtualization: What does it mean?
  • Why are IT managers looking to virtualization to solve their desktop management pain?
  • Does it even work?
  • Where does virtualization work? What about offline users?
  • The balance between control and user happiness
  • The user experience: A barrier to success?
  • Management nirvana: Central OS, apps, patches, settings and security?
  • The cost factor: Up-front versus operational costs? Hidden costs? Can any of this be quantified?
  • How do you identify different use cases across your organization and determine which technologies and solutions are best suited to address which use cases?


Session 2: Virtual Desktop Architecture: Portal to the Clouds
Brad Maltz, CTO of International Computerware

Cloud computing has brought about a shift in data center architecture. We’re centralizing computing into massive organizational units aka clouds. As with any major industry shift, ancillary technologies are needed to enable these new computing models and cloud computing is no different.

During this session Brad Maltz, CTO of International Computerware, a national consulting firm focused on virtualization and storage technologies, will discuss how virtual desktop architectures are the enabling force for cloud computing by liberating the end user for life in the clouds. He will answer questions including:

  • What is cloud computing?
  • How are people using it right now?
  • What are the likely future developments and how will they impact you?
  • What is the business case for/against implementing it?
  • And more

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