Our virtualization seminars and conferences provide you with independent expert advice on topics which include: desktop and application virtualization, Terminal Services/Remote Desktop Services, cloud computing and more. Below is a snapshot of our event schedule:


Desktop Virtualization 2011: Making the right decisions for your company

Whether you love desktop virtualization and want to make it work – or just need to make it work for your boss, you'll know a lot more about desktop virtualization technologies and techniques after you spend a morning with independent industry expert, Brian Madden.

In this one-day seminar, Brian updates you on where the desktop virtualization market is in 2011, focusing on what's real and what's not. He'll also talk through the specific technologies that are ready to be used today and what you can do now to prepare your environment. Hearing Brian speak is a valuable experience you won’t want to miss – even if you’re already using desktop virtualization and just want to learn what’s new or if you're not planning on ever using it and want to make sure you’re not missing out on anything important.

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2011 Schedule
March 24 San Francisco, CA
March 29 Boston, MA
April 7 New York, NY
June 2 Washington, DC

June 9

Detroit, MI

June 16

St. Louis, MO
August 11 Seattle, WA
Sept. 15 Houston, TX
Sept. 22 Toronto, ON
Oct. 4 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Oct. 6 Frankfurt, Germany
Oct. 13 London, UK
Oct. 20 Miami, FL
Oct. 27 Durham, NC
Nov. 3 Minneapolis, MN
Nov. 17 Denver, CO
Dec. 8 Los Angeles, CA


Consumerization of IT: It's Happening Whether You Like It or Not

Do you find yourself in an uphill battle to keep your company's sensitive data safe? Does it seem like your employees are openly flouting your carefully implemented security measures? You're not alone.

Due to enterprise mobile devices, IT consumerization is running rampant these days, resulting in both increased employee connectivity and data security threats that are hard to defend against. Join IT guru Brian Madden in this essential half-day seminar exploring the full ramifications and opportunities that "BYOIT" presents to businesses.

In session one, learn how desktop virtualization, application, VDI and client-based VMs can help you regain control of IT. In session two, find out how to successfully add security controls, data loss prevention and auditing tools to your management arsenal. There will also be ample time for a Q&A with Brian Madden and the chance to share success stories and lessons learned with your local peers.

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2012 Schedule
Jun. 21 Boston, MA
Jul. 12 Toronto, ON
Aug. 2 New York, NY
Sep. 6 Philadelphia, PA
Dec. 6 Atlanta, GA
Dec. 11 San Francisco, CA



BriForum 2011

We are very excited to announce that BriForum will be returning to Europe this year (for the first time since 2007) as we will be holding a two-day conference 10-11 May at the home stadium of the Chelsea Football Club in London. We will also be back in Chicago for our annual three-day U.S. show taking place July 19-21 at the McCormick Place Convention Center.

BriForum is THE most advanced, hands-on, 100% independent event dedicated to desktop and application virtualization technology. Once again, top-notch industry experts led by Brian Madden, along with hundreds of your peers from across the globe, as well as technical staff from the leading solution providers in the space, will converge to share the latest tips, tricks and verified techniques around this constantly evolving technology. Walk away being able to do your job better through improved management, lower costs, and ensuring all desktops/laptops are secure and compliant thereby saving your company time, money and countless headaches.

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2011 Schedule
10-11 May London, UK
July 19-21 Chicago, IL


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